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Cloud Hosting

Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Introduction Cloudways is an award-winning cloud hosting provider that provides managed and optimised cloud hosting services. Cloudways has been featured in Forbes, Inc Magazine, VentureBeat, and The New York Times. . Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that provides you with the ability to build, scale and manage your applications on…

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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates – Google Approved Best Practise

SSL Certificates – Google Approved Best Practice Google recently announced (2018) that they consider SSL certificates to be best practice and will continue to support the practice going forward. It is because of Google’s statement that online experts generally accept that soon Google will require all websites to have SSL certificates. How do I know…

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website hosting

Website Hosting – Finding the Right Host

Website Hosting – Guidelines to Finding the Right Host (South Africa) Website hosting in South Africa is an extremely lucrative industry that is highly competitive in all aspects. As you can imagine this makes choosing the correct host for your specific corporate requirements very difficult. Currently in South Africa the top three web hosts consist…

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