Websites: An Important Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

August 31, 2020

While the Web Shack was in the virtual studio with Collette Prince from Digitize Your Biz, we had a look at the importance of websites, and how to build a strong and successful website for your business.

Websites are a fundamental part of any digital marketing strategy. More specifically founder of The Web Shack, Robbie Carter suggests that your website should be treated as the central part of ant marketing strategy, from which other various platforms and campaigns branch off. Here we discuss the nitty-gritties of building your own website, as well as the misconceptions surrounding and website development.


Building a Strong online presence

During our discussion with Digitize Your Biz, Robbie touches on the fundamental elements you should always consider when building a website and ultimately a successful online presence. While there are numerous concepts, platforms and forums you need to consider when building an effective online presence, your business website is the starting point. Here we discuss a few elements once should consider.

Firstly, we discuss usability. The usability of a website describes the degree to which users are able to navigate around the site effectively, safely and efficiently. Websites should be eye-catching and simplistic so as to not overwhelm your users. As the saying goes -less is more.

In addition to having a user-friendly platform, a website should also be Google-friendly. Your website is your main marketing tool, and if not optimized to suit Google’s specifications, your strategy may be unsuccessful. This is often considered the most difficult aspect of managing a website.

Moreover, you want to consider the organic presence of your website. This includes what marketers refer to as in-bound marketing. The content you display on your website should stand in line with your brand identity, and is an additional way to keep your website fresh, and up-to-date with the times. In this same way, the speed of your website plays a big role in the success of your business. Having an efficient, fast-loading website is not only beneficial for Google, but for your users. Contemporary society has the world at their fingertips, and are not interested in waiting lengthy periods of time for web pages to load.In line with this thinking, responsiveness is an essential part of a website. Building a mobile-friendly digital forum that can be accessed from various smart devices ensures your business is accessible to an array of users.

Misconceptions of Creating a Website

Often individuals are under the impression that once you have established a sound website, you have successfully pulled off your digital marketing strategy. A website however, is like a car. It requires regular maintenance, care and servicing. The digital industry is fast-pace and continuously changing, developing and adjusting to the demands of its users. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your business site is consistently up-to-date with the growing digital arena. It is simply not sufficient to implement your marketing elements without putting in the time and energy to nurture and grow these efforts.

Primarily, this includes regular site maintenance; ensuring your various themes, plugins, subscriptions and licenses are up-to-date. Additionally, you want to protect your website against online sharks, viruses and other security risks. Having appropriate, up-to-date security software will ensure the safety of your website and business brand. Whether you decide to hire an agency to manage your website or look after it yourself, consistent maintenance is the most essential function of a successful website in the long term.  

A further misconception about building business websites is that smaller business owners expect that it is beyond their reach. Oft times SME’s automatically assume that building a website is extremely expensive and more suited to bigger, more successful businesses. Whether you are a high school tutor, beauty salon owner or a fully-fledged corporate enterprise, each and every business owner can afford to build a strong, eye-catching website suited to their brand. There are various packages, platforms and software available that will help you build your perfect website, within your own budget. At the end of the day, if you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort into learning how to build your own business network, it can be extremely affordable and rewarding for you.

A website must always represent your story – who you are, what you do and why you do it. Your website is your digital business portfolio, and often the first impression many potential clients receive of your business – so make sure it counts!