Jenaré Hardcastle

Communications Specialist

She’s a linguaphile with a passion for communication and heart for people. Forward-thinking and competitive, she gets excited about new challenges and has a can-do attitude.

Jean-Pierre Nel

WordPress Specialist

When it comes to all things computers, JP is our expert. A man of integrity, he works methodically and efficiently. Fun Fact: JP placed second in South Africa in Call of Duty.

Nadia Roets

WordPress Specialist

Our very own goldilocks. Nadia is a sweetie-pie with a heart (and hair) of gold. When she’s not out for a run, she can be found orchestrating works of creative genius.

Marisa João

Project Manager

It is true what they say; dynamite does come in small packages. Marisa is an explosion of fun and keeps our office feeling upbeat. She may be tiny, but she’s always on the ball.

Megan Carter


Megan is our level-headed fireball! She’s bold, strong and full of love. Megs keeps The Web Shack running like a well-oiled-machine. Fun Fact: Megan played hockey on an international level.

Robbie Carter


The CEO and founder of The Web Shack, Robbie is our vision-setter and motivator. Aside from being expert in SEO, he is a great teacher in all areas. He is always available for advice and guidance!