Virus Fatigue: Maintaining motivation into 2021

January 13, 2021

We Need Motivation – As the sun set on the last day of 2020, everyone had a little unrealistic glimpse of hope that COVID was coming to an end as well. The reality is we are very much still a big part of the COVID-19 pandemic and as we begin a new year, it may be difficult to regain motivation and stamina to start the year off on a good note. Here we provide you with 4 simple ways to stay motivated and positive during the Corona crisis. Whether you are working from home, slowly integrating back into office life or still struggling to navigate our new reality, these simple tips will assist you in maintaining a positive and productive lifestyle.

Layout your SMART Goals  

Maintaining motivation requires some structure and planning. SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Set yourself realistic short-term goals and daily tasks that aren’t taxing. Regularly ticking off your boxes will keep you moving and motivated. For example, complete a 2-week fitness challenge, follow a 30-day meditation program or find inspiration for DIY projects. Whether you are currently experiencing another nationwide ‘lockdown’, or slowly integrating back into a working society, maintaining a well-rounded routine will promote productivity and drive.

Establish a routine and emphasize self-care

When establishing a productive routine, one should always integrate moments for down time as well. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is a perfect combination of work and relaxation. The COVID pandemic has demonstrated how important mental and emotional health is to our well-being. Learn to prioritize your mental health, and provide yourself with the necessary methods and tools to maintain a positive and healthy mindset. Get creative, get outside and adopt new hobbies. Keep your mind and your body active with stimulating activities.

Stay Social for Motivation

Social distancing can be the hardest aspect of this pandemic for many people. Not getting to spend time with friends can be emotionally taxing. However, social distancing does not mean you have to totally say goodbye to a social life. Schedule virtual get-togethers with your friends, and have them often! 

This pandemic has forced us all to find refuge in the confines of our own homes, our own cities and countries. While we isolate in order to stay protected from the corona virus, it is important to stay connected to friends, relatives and loved ones. From the sister quarantining in her bedroom upstairs to the grandfather across the ocean in Australia, our modern technologies have enabled us to connected virtually with loved ones from all over the planet. Make a point of connecting with colleagues, working together and checking in regularly to stay motivated at work.

Be okay with not being highly productive

Working from home or simply being instructed to stay home for long periods can make it a lot more difficult to get through basic daily tasks. Although we are all still attempting to maintain a somewhat ‘normal’ life, things have been a little tougher during the pandemic. Give yourself the time and space to be a little slower than normal. Be aware however, that there is a fine line between allowing yourself to be a little less productive, and simply procrastinating out of boredom. Make sure you are still ticking off those boxes.

Make a point of spending minimal time watching the news. Limiting your exposure to the media will help you maintain a positive mindset. Additionally, resist the urge to feel bored. Sitting around aimlessly waiting for time to pass will only hinder your state of mind. Pick up hobbies, learn a new skill and achieve small victories in work and in life. This is where having a structured routine will help you schedule time for work and play. If you find that you are still struggling mentally, emotionally or physically, please seek additional help and assistance. Stress and anxiety can have huge negative implications on ones mental health, work ethic and general way of life. Ensure you are feeling emotionally stable and also give yourself the time to rest and recoup when you need it. You can also read up on our Working from Home: 5 Essential Tips for Staying Productive & Mentally Healthy While Working from Home