How to post on social media: navigating different social media channels

March 10, 2022
how to post on social media

Posting on social media is not as simple as uploading the same content to the same social media channels all at once and hoping for the best. There are a multitude of social media platforms that function differently, and need different effort and attention out into them. Here we explain a few straightforward tips to help you understand how to post on social media. In addition, we explain how to understand your various social media channels.

You’re Posting to Different Audiences

In order to understand how to post on social media, it is important to remember that you should post all your content at once because you are likely to be speaking to different demographics. For example, your LinkedIn followers are more likely to be working individuals. Statistically, they are more likely to be men ages 25-34. In contrast to this, Snapchat followers are likely to be younger, even adolescent individuals. Statistically, your Snapchat users are more likely to be females aged 34 and younger. 

Audiences are Active on Different Channels at Different Times

If you are posting to all your social media channels at the same time, you are likely to be missing out on reaching all your brand’s followers. This is because the time you’re most likely to reach individuals on Facebook, is not necessarily the same time you will reach them on Instagram of LinkedIn. Each platform provides different functions, whether it is to inform, teach or entertain. It is important to understand when your target audience is spending time on the different social media platforms.

Caption Lengths and Chatacter Count

Each social media platform requires specific character counts/limits. It is essential that you plan your captions according to each social media channel. You can have beautifully long, complex captions that may not be read by your users. For example, Faceboook and Instagram allow for longer captions, while Twitter provides for shorter, to-the-point content.

Image Dimension and Quality

Before you decide to post to multiple channels, consider, make sure you follow the ideal graphic dimensions of each social media platfrom. This will ensure you generate content that is quickly, and easily consumed, and understood by your users. In addition, avoid low resolution, blurred or pixelated imagery. Your visuals should appear eye-catching, professional and stylish.

In conclusion, we now understand that we have to approach each social media channel differently. Here are a few basic tips regarding how to post content to the top 6 social media platforms;

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: Uses visuals and simple text. Keep it interesting, short and well-timed. Twitter is about short, to-the-point updates and information. Use your visuals to portray more information. Perhaps short videos or tutorials.
  • Instagram: is predominantly visual. While there is plenty of space to write down what you desire in the caption, Instagram users concentrate more on the visuals. Ensure your visuals are portraying the right message. You want the visual to guide the reader into reading your caption to gain more insight. This is a great space to showcase your products visually.
  • Pinterest: Is also all about the visual. Pinterest however redirects each post you share to a website address (a URL). This is a great way to showcase your products visually, and direct your customer to the product on your eCommerce website.
  • LinkedIn: Has a more formal setting. Quirky, more casual events are not normally captured on LinkedIn. More business orientated, LinkedIn id a great space to share industry-related news, updates and information. It’s about achievements, and how professionally you are able to portray your company.
  • YouTube: Is a visuals and videos platform. Use this space to create infographics, videos and tutorials that update your viewers on industry-related topics. For example; behind-the-scenes of your company, or a “how-to” tutorial.