How to Grow Your Business on Instagram

March 24, 2022
grow your business on Instagram

Instagram is an incredibly useful platform to utilise to market your brand online. With millions of users, it is a great space to engage with users and attract potential clients. Businesses can use Instagram as an extension of their business identity, and as a space to post and share important information about your company or industry. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you grow your business on Instagram;

Optimise Your Bio

Businesses big and small often concentrate primarily on their photos and captions. So much so, that they oft times forget about one of the most important elements of an Instagram profile. That is, their Instagram bio.
Your Instagram bio represents your first impression users receive. Not only does it assist in funnelling visitors to your feed; your products, services and promotions, but it also serves as a call to action to contact your company. Whether it is by visiting your website, or giving you a call. In just a short few words, you can entice users to take action the way you want!

Here are a few tips to include in your bio, to grow your business on Instagram;

  • Branded hashtags to encourage tagging and sharing
  • A slogan, or brief description of the value your business can offer to a potential client
  • An Instagram-specific bio link directing users to your website, or other social media profiles.
  • An email address or contact number for users to get in touch with you directly

Be Intentional with Visuals and Captions

Think of your Instagram profile as a digital extension of your shopfront or service offering. Share posts that allow users to easily recognise and pin point the products and services you provide. Use striking visuals and informational captions to form meaningful connections with your following, and entice other users to ‘follow’ your account.
Things to consider about your posts when trying to grow your business on Instagram;

  • Visual; consider photos or graphics that engage, educate and excite. Many businesses may not offer very ‘exciting’ services. As such, creating striking visuals will encourage users to participate with your content and ultimately your business.
  • Captions; while your visuals are used to catch an eye, your captions are used to get your information across. Keep it short, sweet and to the point so potential clients can quickly and easily receive your message. Use call-to-action words like ‘sign up”, “shop our sale” or “contact us now”.
  • Hashtags; Try utilising relevant hashtags, mentions and tags. Add them to your captions to engage with industry trends and corporate competitors. This way, individuals interested in your topic or business can find you easily and participate with your content.

Create a Consistent Look and Feel

Instagram is simply another avenue of your business. It is a digital space where you can expand on your brand identity, your corporate values and market your business. In order to build familiarity and validity with your following, it is important to post regularly and maintain a look and feel of your profile that best represents your business.
Here are a few tips to help keep your content consistent when learning how to grow your business on Instagram;

  • Use Consistent Colours – using the same colour palate or Instagram filters will provide consistency throughout your brand. It is important to use colours, graphics and icons that align with your brand colours, logo and identity.
  • Create a theme – To set yourselves apart from competitors, you need to share content that shows unique elements of your business. Consider utilising similar photos that show unique sides of your business. For example, you can share behind-the-scenes photos from on-going projects or post informational industry-related tips to provide your users with something to enjoy.
  • Post Regularly – Users can’t engage with your business online if it is not present. Posting regularly on Instagram will entice users to interact with your content. The more you post, the more impressions, interactions and visitors you can attract. It is important however, to not overwhelm your users with too much information at once. Consider using a content calendar to schedule your posts throughout the month.

In conclusion, in order to successfully grow your business on Instagram, you need to stay consistent with striking, informational posts and captions. Transform your Instagram profile into a functional digital space to promote your brand and service offerings. Feel free to contact the Web Shack with monthly planning and assistance with your Instagram profile.