Facebook Ads vs Boosted Facebook Posts: Which is More Effective

August 19, 2020

Whether you run a small local business or a big corporate establishment, social media is an essential part of every contemporary business marketing strategy. Social Media platforms help you connect with your customers online, increase brand awareness and boost your leads and sales. Well over half the world’s population is now online. As Kemp (2018) suggests, with more than 3 billion people using social media worldwide on a daily basis, it is no passing trend. Here we consider the social media platform, Facebook. With more than one and a half billion daily active users, Facebook is the place to be for digital marketing. With this said however, advertising on Facebook can be a daunting task for individuals that do not specialise in social media marketing.

The answer is in Facebook’s paid advertising opportunities. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the finer details of Facebook marketing, it can be difficult to identify key decisions. You may have an exceptional page with beautiful graphics, competitive bargains and creative content. However, if you are not gaining pertinent visibility and engagement, this time and energy is lost. Deciding between Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts depends largely on your social media marketing strategy. Each avenue reaps different outcomes and therefore it is important to understand the difference between the two. Here we provide imperative insight into the difference between Facebook Ads and Boosted Facebook Posts in order for you to gain a better understanding of your own online marketing efforts.

Paid Facebook Ads

Many users find it difficult to differentiate between ads and regular posts as these both appear directly in user news feeds alongside status updates, photos and check-ins. While Ads always display a light grey “Sponsored Content” inscription, they are sometimes otherwise indistinguishable from regular posts.

The most notable difference between Facebook Ads and regular posts is what’s ‘under the hood’. Facebook Ads offer the user a range of analytical options. Campaign goals, audience specifications, and engagement tracking are few of the many options that allow for highly detailed targeting. Users are able to define custom parameters like age, gender, demographics, interests and other criteria. Additionally, Facebook Ads allow for richer formatting options. Users can customize their adverts to suit their unique marketing strategy; slideshow ads, carousel ads, canvas ads and more. Moreover, users are able to select tailor-made campaign goals, directing your ads to collect leads, promote specific products and promotions, or direct consumers to your business website.

Boosted Posts

In contrast to Facebook Ads, Boosted Posts are a little more straight forward and user-friendly. Boosted posts are simply regular Facebook posts that are enhanced to reach a wider audience. This ensures that your ad is displayed more often, or to a larger group of people. Boosting therefore offers you a hassle-free means to advertising without needing a comprehensive understanding of Facebook Ad Manager.

The primary benefit Boosted Posts have over Facebook Ads is free audience research. Many businesses boost posts after they have established a larger database of audience engagement. Understanding which posts will perform successfully allows you to reap more benefits from your posts. With this said however, you have little direct control over the particulars of audience targeting and goal definition. This is where Facebook Ads are more beneficial if you are looking to refine your audience specifications.  

Krakauer (2020) explains that Boosted Posts only reach one audience at a time and limited objectives. In contrast to this, Ad Manager allows you to create multiple ad avenues from a single published Facebook post allowing you to target diverse parameters.

Deciding on a suitable approach for your your unique business venture

In conclusion, the entire premise of Facebook Ads is to be exceptionally strategic and precise. While Boosted Posts may be more beneficial for someone learning to navigate the marketing platform, Facebook Ads customize and maximise campaign objectives and allow users to follow the buyer’s journey. Take the time to decide which avenue will benefit your business brand the best. Do your research, and practice your advertising with smaller budgets until you have a broad understanding of the strategies that can reap the most benefits for you.

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