WordPress CMS Websites

October 24, 2014

The Benefits of a WordPress CMS

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS’s (Content Management Systems) currently available for use within the web development industry. What makes it so powerful is the fact it is open-source; meaning anywhere in the world website developers and programmers can band together and create WordPress templates, themes, plugins and much more both free or for a price depending on functionality and demand. Any web developer that is familiar with WordPress will have access to this plethora of knowledge, at the click of a button.

But enough boasting… here are a few specific areas where WordPress is beneficial. Firstly its easy to use. With its user-friendly backend it allows even the most technologically incompetent person to navigate and edit their website with relative ease. Needless to say the more complex changes to your WordPress website should be done under the supervision or guidance of your web developer but it sure beats looking at lines of code all day. We encourage our clients to edit their WordPress websites themselves. In the end it can become very flexible for the client as they don’t have to wait on their busy web developers to make a simple change. The next major benefit of WordPress is that it is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. This means big search engines like Google, Yahoo and the likes will be able to index your website with relative ease. This benefit mainly stems from the fact WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform meaning SEO is kind of a built in feature. To achieve the same results with static HTML websites you would literally have to know all of the important SEO elements and implement them manually. In our experience with SEO we have also found search engines like Google love new content on a regular basis to be ranked higher over and above the basic entry level SEO protocols. The third benefit to WordPress especially with the newer theme templates we have been dealing with is their integration with social media. No longer is it a case of reposting content manually across all your media platforms. WordPress website developers can link up various social media platforms to your blog posts, etc. as you require so you can easily get your relevant content to all your networking platforms. Fourth and not final … The theme templates/framework have the ability to be mobile friendly and responsive to the vast majority of mobile devices that people are frequenting in this day and age as their browsing tool of choice.

The final factor WordPress brings to the table is the vast amount of free plugins available that can be easily searched for and integrated into your website. Although it’s a tricky business adding free plugins that are reliable, the rating systems and reviews of plugins can assist in making the correct choices. These plugins provide flexibility to any rigid aspects of your chosen theme template/framework. Any developers that have experience with these plugins soon begin to weed out any bad plugins from the good ones. There are also plugins that can be paid for with full 24/7 support if necessary. In concluding WordPress is not a generic system and experience has shown that it doesn’t always work for every client, but given the chance it definitely would be the first option to think about when considering a new website development. I hope this was useful and we would love to help with any WordPress development you may require.