Why A Website Is The New (Improved) Business Card

August 1, 2016

Why A Website Is The New (Improved) Business Card

Think a business card is as important as your website? Think again. Business cards are designed to fit in a wallet or pocket. There is only so much you can say about you and your business within a few printed square centimetres. A business card is limited. But a website? It is not hemmed in by size constraints. It exists in cyberspace. No limits. No boundaries. Just unlimited opportunities as a result…

1.) Websites a flexible and forward-thinking.

There is something inconveniently permanent about a printed business card because once it is printed that’s it. As a result every time something such as a phone number or job title changes existing business cards become out-dated and consequently a reprint is required. A website can be updated quickly and easily. Want to say less about an old product or service and rather say more about a new one? No problem. Want the same contact details with a different contact person due to a personnel change? Easy.

2.) A target market magnet.

Most noteworthy is the ability of a website to give your audience a three dimensional view of what you do. First of all a website introduces you and your business to potential customers and furthermore it reels them in. A website is the ultimate sales pitch due to its ability to go into more detail than you and your business card ever could. First of all, advertise all of your products and services. No big above-the-line advertising budget necessary. Secondly, benefit from a well designed website that attracts thousands of people and entices them to read more. Finally, keep your online visitors updated and informed as a result of newsletter sign up.

3.) A brand-building powerhouse.

A business card is a glorified nametag. So all it will ever do for your brand is perhaps showcase a logo and give a polite nod to your Corporate Identity. A thoughtfully designed and well managed website shows that your brand is current and relevant. Probably the most effective way to engage with your customers is through regular newsletters and industry-specific blog posts. Keep the content informative and interesting. Less jargon. More everyday. Being proactive and helpful on an online space builds trust with customers you haven’t even met. Most of all communicating in this way guarantees a good first impression of your business and positive experience of your brand.

4.) Always open for business.

Especially relevant is the fact that a website is working for you 24/7 because it can be accessed any time from anywhere. Consequently your customers can get the answers and information right away rather than wait for business hours. Furthermore due to the limitless nature of cyberspace you can give a birds eye view of your business while also giving visitors as much information in as much detail as you want. It’s almost as if you’re able to run your business every minute of the day but most of all a website will always be your hardest working employee.

5.) Websites talk back.

Especially relevant is the feedback a website gives you. First of all it gives your customers a platform from which to comment on your business and furthermore its products and services. This opportunity for feedback is probably one of the most rewarding by-products of a website. Having access to customer experiences and suggestions is vital because it tells you what is working and what’s not. Analytics and metadata can be built into your website so that you can gain detailed insight into how your customers are interacting with your site. Want to know which pages get the most traffic? Done. Looking to find out if your site is visited more or less by Social Media or Google? Simple.

6.) Take your business around the globe.

A business card will only ever exist where it is probably never leaving your customers’ desk and/or wallet. From the minute a website is online it has an ‘all expenses paid’ trip around the world and an almost all-access pass to every corner of the globe. Want to sell less in Parys and more in Paris? Looking to sell in Durban and in Dubai? As a result of an e-commerce enabled website you can spread your sales across countries and continents. Furthermore you can get local products and services to an international market while expanding your reach and growing your brand awareness. Especially relevant is the rather extraordinary ability of a website to become a globetrotting billboard that is always up to date and evolving.

So what are you waiting for? As a result of reading this we hope that you’ll see your business card for what it is (a limited nice-to have) and see the development of a well-designed website for the unlimited opportunity that it is… a brand-builder… a money-spinner… a must-have.