Reasons why a professional web designer is necessary

June 13, 2017
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Reasons why a professional web designer is necessary

We understand that this is quite a common conundrum faced by many businesses, save money by designing a website themselves using an online website builder. While platforms like Wix and WordPress are becoming more popular for the do-it-yourself websites, there are a few elements that you simply won’t be able to achieve without the help of a professional web designer.

Some things you might be missing out on:

Some problems you can’t solve yourself

When it comes to corrections that are needed on the website, some are harder to fix than others. That is when a professional website designer comes in. If you don’t have a professional available to assist it could lead to big problems for instance if you site get hacked. Not having professional assistance could be detrimental in these cases.

Design for SEO

SEO is a complicated subject. Trying to incorporate all the technical aspects of SEO into your website yourself may be close to impossible if you don’t know what is going on. Creating your own website that isn’t optimised for SEO might hurt your company greatly in the long run. From heading tags to quality links, there are many aspects that will influence your SEO that you won’t be able to address when trying to create the website yourself.

Advanced features and responsiveness

There might be some features that you would love to use on your website, but if you are building it yourself you might not be able to incorporate all the features that you love. A professional web designer can also ensure that your website is responsive. Responsive means that your website will be optimised to work on mobile, tablets as well as computers. In today’s day and age, features like this are becoming increasingly important.

New technology

The internet is complicated and continuously changing. Keeping up to date with all the latest technologies can be exhausting if you are still trying to manage your business in between. When using a professional web developer, you can know that your website is built with the latest technology. Using a DIY website tools don’t necessarily allow for video, RSS feeds or links to your website.

User-focused design           

Using a professional website designer can ensure that your website is user-friendly. Web designers understand how users think and know how to optimise a website to increase user experience. Making sure that a website is easy to navigate and adds to the user’s experience is becoming more and more important.

Need more reasons?

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