Benefiting from a Competitive Partnership

July 1, 2020

Partnership – As a proudly South African digital agency, The Web Shack understands the determination, tenacity and effort it takes to coordinate a successful and profitable digitally-orientated business. Today’s society is incredibly saturated with creatives, freelances and digital agencies all trying to make their mark in our industry. With this said however, it can be difficult to establish your business and it’s unique service offerings. In this way, The Web Shack thought it appropriate to fashion a competitive partnership that we can offer to fellow creatives, in the hopes of growing a collaborative community of South African based creatives. This way, digital agencies, freelances and creatives can present their work, promote their brands and grow their businesses on our website.

Since its launch in 2009, The Web Shack has endeavored to build a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing people to find what they are looking for, effortlessly. Our principle vision is to provide each user that reaches our website with great service, satisfaction and a solution to their every digital marketing need. With this said however, The Web Shack offers exclusive, specialized services that may not always attend to the requests of our users. This is why we need you! So, if you think your business can offer potential clients a unique and specialist service offering, apply to become one of our Web Shack partners!

Why a competitive partnership?

Organically, The Web Shack is considered one of the highest Google-ranked businesses in our industry. We offer a wide range of services; specialising in website design, Google AdWords, Social Media management, e-commerce, social media and website maintenance. As a result, we receive quantities of direct monthly hits from many different users. With this said however, we often receive searches that do not require our specific service offering. These potential clients are consequently valuable opportunities lost. As a result, The Web Shack wants to provide our partners the chance to exhibit their brands in the hopes of bringing in additional interest for your business.

While The Web Shack is able to generate traffic and attract appropriate leads, we need your help in providing potential clients with a solution-based forum kitted-out with an array of services correlating with each avenue of the digital marketing and communications industry. We are therefore offering you the chance to exhibit your unique business offerings on our website for potential clients to consider.

Benefits of becoming a Web Shack Partner?

Becoming a part of our collaborative community will ensure your business receives regular increased exposure, and interest from users and potential clients. The Web Shack ranks highly on Google for both organic and paid searches. Therefore, having an affiliate relationship with us, and displaying your business on our website will increase your own SEO as well as the organic leads received by your business. Additionally, as a Web Shack partner your business will receive strong backlinks from our website which are fundamental to the successful optimisation of a website.

The Web Shack want to provide our partners with a platform where you are able to exhibit your creative digital talents. While each and every partner will have their brand identity clearly displayed on our website, we want to afford partners the opportunity to gain further exclusive benefits for your business. In this way, we offer limited feature spots to partners who wish to have primary positions on our website. The Web Shack offers our select partners the chance to exhibit quality portfolio projects and monthly blogs for users to explore and enjoy.  This way your business receives greater exposure and interest.

All in all, The Web Shack endeavors to harness our ranking power to provide our creative community with a collaborative partnership where we can share ideas, exhibit our talents and grow successfully. In line with the current COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been nothing short of struggle, strife and frustration for local communities.  As we navigate these difficult waters together, The Web Shack wishes to give a helping hand to our fellow creatives.