How to Advertise on Google

August 10, 2015
how to advertise on google

How to Advertise on Google – Using Google Adwords

To fully understand how to advertise on Google, we have to explore the software that’s responsible for this. Google Adwords is the online marketing service that essentially allows advertisers to compete & display their brief advertisements based on various parameters. These advertisements of course are paid for and each time a user diverts their attention to your advertisement, Google as well as their partner company’s receive a portion of the income they generate for you from your account. Let’s explore the parameters we spoke about further.

The first major parameter is the keywords for your advertisement. A keyword is a particular word that an individual would type into their search engine to search the web. The basic function of a keyword is to direct users to content based on what they have searched for on their search engine. Your advertisement works in the same way. If for example you put a keyword such as “website design” all over your advertisement. Users that then type “website design” into their browser will then see your “sponsored link” all over the 1st page of the search. There are many things to consider with your specific keywords. Google AdWords additional functionality enables you to optimise your keyword choices using a keyword planner, which basically gives you accurate feedback of the exact monthly keywords being searched. This has additional filters so you can target regions more accurately and will ensure that you have used a keyword that will get you some hits.

The next parameter is of course finance, as Google Adwords implements cost-per-click advertising, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost per mille advertising, site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads, and remarketing & much more. This is where a professional campaign is required as it’s easy to just throw money at Google Adwords but a campaign that isn’t monitored correctly can just become a waste of money. Choose professional Google Adwords specialists that will monitor your campaign closely and ensure better value for your money and online advertising that will generate great business for the future. The greatest feature about Google Adwords over traditional marketing campaigns is the fact that you are only paying for people interested in your advertisements. This immediately increases the conversion rate (converting people from simply visiting your advertisement into future clients) of your advertisement.