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Business website design is a more premium option to standard website design. Please see some of the business features below

Business Website Design

In today’s digital society, a website is the most fundamental element of any business. With powerful business website design, your website has the potential to help you reach new consumers and separate yourself from your competitors. The issue lies in the ability to create a bold, responsive and beautiful website strong enough to stand out. The Web Shack introduces our new and exclusive business website design. Our business website design is a step above the rest. Unlike standard website designs, business websites provide you with a more dynamic and customisable look, feel and layout, allowing for a digital space that more accurately represents your professional business identity. Additionally, business websites also boast a multitude of technical features such as CRM integration, Email marketing integrations, accounting integration and much more.

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Using Very Powerful Premium Themes

We pride ourselves on using well-polished, powerful themes that boast a multitude of professional social and business features. At a more affordable rate, our themes are not only a professional and powerful way to create your very own custom layout website, but are also easy on your pocket. With regular and consistent code updates and an abundance of features, these premium themes are a fundamental tool in the successful development of a proficient and attractive business website.

We also build our layouts within top page builders such as Elementor and Visual Composer which help us create pixel perfect designs, while also producing 100% clean code for your website. Our purpose is to take your design vision and business ideas, and transform them into a beautiful and sophisticated custom-made websites that are bold in design and superior in quality.

Well Thought Out User Journey

In order to better recognise and value your customer base, it is important to understand their user journey. Different customers may have different experiences with your product or service when navigating your website. It is therefore vital that you provide your users with a customer experience that is notably flawless, and aligns closely with your brand identity. Our custom business website design allow you to generate tailor-made layouts, flow schemes and navigation to ensure your users receive an unsurpassed digital experience out of your business.

Multilingual Websites

Diversity is key! Give your consumers that personal touch. Your website can be fully multilingual, allowing for a dropdown menu of languages to choose from, for users of all cultures and ethnicities. Your website will then change to the language of their choosing, the website will also have individual pages for each language so your SEO will be great no matter what country people are searching from.

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