5 Online Marketing Myths Debunked

March 13, 2017
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5 Online Marketing Myths Debunked

To get the most value out of your marketing efforts we will look at some prominent online marketing myths.

Tony Zambito said, “Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.” When it comes to online marketing, it is very easy to forget that marketing always needs to have a human-centred ethos.

The following marketing myths will be discussed:

Myth #1 – Just get as much website traffic as possible

This is a very common mistake that many companies make with their online marketing efforts. It is not always about getting high levels of website traffic but getting the right website traffic. Really think about it. What would be better? Getting 2000 visitors to your website with only 10 of them converting to customers or getting 200 highly targeted visitors of which 20 become conversions.

This is where it becomes increasingly important to ensure that you have a clear vision of who your target market is, as this will help you to target your marketing efforts more precisely to those who will have a higher chance to convert. Tailor content to appropriate audiences by doing a thorough analysis of your target market and identify elements that will help tailor your marketing efforts.

Myth #2 – More, more, more communication

The rise of the internet has made it possible to publish and share endless amounts of content. As the saying goes, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should”. Someone who cannot stop talking and never says anything of value is usually not regarded as the best company to keep. Endless chatter can become annoying and monotonous. This doesn’t just apply to people; it applies to online marketing as well.

Don’t let your brand become that person. As previously mentioned – stick to tailored content. Your readers will appreciate useful content that truly adds value to their lives and their experience with your brand.

Myth #3 – Be social on every available platform

Each social media platform is unique in its own right. Embrace this uniqueness and use it as part of your online marketing strategy. Social media platforms offer their users different ways of receiving and engaging with content. It is important for your brand to look at the different options available and carefully analyse what platforms your target market will be on.

For instance, Pinterest won’t make as much sense for an accounting firm as it would for a niche, fashion brand. It is all about ensuring you are relevant and in context. Identify what platforms will drive the most traffic to your website and  leave the other platforms alone.

Myth #4 – Website is up and running, our online work is done now.

You may think that your website is an absolute masterpiece that even Michelangelo would be proud of, and now you can sit back and relax as your work is done. No, your work only really begins now.

In order to make the most of your digital marketing, your website’s content needs to have relevant and updated information. Therefore updating your website helps you to also rank higher on search engines. If optimising your website for search engines isn’t enough motivation, updated content also creates positive associations with your target audience. Customers notice if your blog hasn’t been updated since 2014. It looks unprofessional and creates the impression that you really don’t care all that much about being up-to-date.

Myth #5 – Online doesn’t work for the older generation

Reports show that the younger generation is leaving Facebook for other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The 25 – 55+ age range currently dominates Facebook. Don’t exclude social media based on assumptions made about the users. Thorough research is a necessity.

Therefore the best advice that you could take is to know your audience on each of the social sites available and ensure that you create your content accordingly.

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