5 Advantages of Website Management

February 8, 2019
Website Management

5 Advantages of Website Management

It’s easy to forget how much of an investment a website is once your website is up, running and earning. Don’t fall into this trap! Website management is maintaining your investment.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 advantages of website management.

Staying Secure

Being online is opening your virtual door to customers all over the globe. Unfortunately, it is also opening your virtual door to potential hackers and other malicious characters. That great uncle of yours who is too paranoid to make an online purchase? Well, his fears are not completely unfounded. Hackers breach websites all the time. Not just small unknown ones, either. Hackers get into large reputable websites, steal confidential data, and sometimes leak it.

Before you swear off the web forever to protect bank card details – websites can be made secure. Now, we’re not going to lie to you – no website is ever 100% risk free. Those hacker guys are pretty clued up. You can, however, take realistic precautions and greatly reduce your chances of being hacked. Purchasing an SSL certificate (read this blog on SSL certificates to find out more) and website management are excellent ways to avoid a hack.

In very simplistic terms, website management will update the code of your website. Just like the rest of technology, code gets more advanced every day. By making use of website management, and therefore using the most up-to-date code, you are getting a head start on hackers. It takes a little while for them to figure out how to work around the new code. Whereas, if you’re using out-dated code, most hackers already know how to hack this code and hacking your website is a proverbial walk in the park.

Staying Online

“This website cannot be reached”. Yuck!

“This website is currently undergoing maintenance.” Gasp!

Business owners with online stores do not need to be told how horrifying it can be to have your website down. You lose money, customers, leads and credibility.

The bottom line is out-dated websites break. The more out-dated, the longer it takes to fix. Consequently, the longer your website will be down for. Website management is a fantastic way to ensure maximum up-time.

Saving Money

We’ve seen it time and time again – out-dated websites cost money. You might save yourself money in the short term by skipping the website maintenance fee but we’ve yet to come across a business owner who doesn’t ultimately regret it.

Think of your general home maintenance. You can repair the geyser when it leaks. Or, in 10 years’ time, you can replace the water damaged ceiling-board, re-do the lifting tiles, re-plumb the damaged pipes and replace the geyser.
Website management is the same concept.

If you wait until things start to break before you consider website management, it will be more expensive. It is highly probable that you will get to the point that your website is so out of date that updating one element will break your entire site. Now that might sound like an exaggeration, but trust us – we deal with it all the time. Severely out-dated websites cost time, money and very often, they cause loss of valuable data.

Want to save money? Look into website management.

Saving Time

Updating a website is just a click of a button, right? Wrong.

Sure, there is an ‘update’ button, but it doesn’t end there. Code is extremely fragile and temperamental.  All it takes is having an extra one of these guys à ‘ and things start to go wrong.
In the process of updating a website, old and new code are trying to work together and often things break. This means reverting to a back-up of the website from before it was broken. Back-ups can take hours to download and restore. Broken websites can take days to fix.

By investing in website management you are ensuring that as little change as possible is happening to the code at one time. A little update every month, instead of a huge update years down the line is far more time-effective. More importantly, far less stressful to you.

Staying Relevant

Technology moves fast. What’s relevant today is hardly ever relevant next year.

Website management keeps your website relevant by adding the new look and functionality of elements to your site. We’ve all stumbled onto a website that doesn’t display correctly. It’s frustrating. With so many alternative sites to choose from, few people stick around on an out-dated site to find out more.

Additionally, website management will also help your SEO. Google loves updated websites and they get a ranking advantage. Dedicated yourself to site security and quality through website maintenance and Google will reward you by ranking your website higher. Google endorsed it – so it’s gotta be good!

Don’t panic! We’ve got you. Head on over to our website maintenance packages to make sure you’re website it up to date and your investment is protected.